“Eating” is an essential part of life.
We are a food product ingredients trading company belonging to the ITOCHU Group. We connect people and companies in order to conduct businesses related to food.

Our business does not involve making or selling products. Our function is to supply customers with the food product ingredients they need in the quantity they need them, and we also offer high added value services such as proposing food-related ideas.
By helping our customers to innovate “food” and combining our knowhow with the ITOCHU Group’s diverse networks, we aim to become a leading company in Japan’s foodstuff industry, contributing to the food safety and security of all consumers.

1General point of contact for food product ingredients

In the ITOCHU Group, we serve as the general point of contact for the supply of food product ingredients to customers. In the case of sugar, for example, the ITOCHU Group offers a wide range of ingredients to meet customer needs through the division of roles: ITOCHU Corporation imports the raw sugar, ITOCHU Sugar Co., Ltd. processes it, and we sell it to customers in Japan.

2Provision of products and information from all over the world

We handle a wide range of imported goods, including direct imports from overseas.
Our staff visit suppliers and production areas around the world, working to maintain a high level of reliable, high- quality information.

3Proposal of products

We also propose recipes using the products we handle to convenience stores and other customers for use in their product development. Coordinating all aspects of Japan’s food culture, we provide valuable ideas to customers.

Our Main Products - Sugar and Beverage Materials / Confectionary Materials and Dairy Products / Grains / Oil /Rice
Function of Total Coordination Function of Total Coordination