• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

ITOCHU Food Sales and Marketing (We) understood the importance of protecting private information, and act as follows.


We observe applicable laws and regulation regarding privacy information protection.

Company Policy regarding Privacy Information

We set company rule(Information management, privacy policy, IT security) regarding privacy information, conduct a measure to avoid loss, damage or leakage of private information.

Origanizaitonal Structure

We set origanizaiton to observe privacy policy by assign person in charge and interoperate with appropriate enforcement of the rules.

Private Information Collection

If we are collecting your privacy information, we will act in necessary circumstances after explaining aim and range of information use to you and getting your consent.

Usage of Private Information

If we use your private information, we will use the infromation only the purpose and range of your prior consent,and we will never use the information for other purpose and above the range of usage.

Safety Management

We shall conduct a measure to avoid illegal access, loss, damage or leakage of private information.
There will be a chance to outsource the privacy information to the third party in appropriate range of usage for sake of using the information.

Limitation of Disclosure to Third Parties

We will not disclose the Personal Information to any third party without your prior consent except in the following cases:

  • when required by the applicable laws and regulations.
  • when a national institution is obligated to cooperate with the special causes.
  • when outsource to the third parties in range of good cause.

Continuous Review of Company Rules

We will continuously review and improve the company rules and it's origanizational structureto operate effectively and propery.

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