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President’s Message

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has affected our lives tremendously. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest condolences for those who have passed away. In addition, I hope for the speedy recovery of those undergoing treatment for COVID-19. At the same time, I would like to thank all medical professionals who are caring for those patients every day.

With that being said, please let me also express my gratitude to our customers for always favoring ITOCHU Food Sales and Marketing.

ITOCHU Group company handles raw food materials overall, and ITOCHU Food Sales and Marketing has been delivering those materials to customers in partnership with ITOCHU Corporation and other ITOCHU Group companies, positioning security, safety and stability as its top priority.

Even our social infrastructure has been under the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, ITOCHU Food Sales and Marketing is continuing normal operations with a strong sense of responsibility to keep delivering raw materials to customers based on awareness of its mission to maintain a lifeline relating to foods, while working to ensure the safety of its employees through the active use of approaches including remote working.

Now, technological innovations from IT and AI are causing huge, unimaginable changes in our economic environment. Those changes can transform or even terminate businesses. Moreover, the new normal caused by COVID-19 is about to significantly change our lifestyles. These revolutions and large changes are also good chances to develop new businesses. The ITOCHU Group is advancing Group-wide initiatives to find next-generation businesses, and address revolutions and changes known as the new normal. Based on its management philosophies represented by the mission of contributing to food evolution with customers, ITOCHU Food Sales and Marketing is advancing the shift from initiatives and attaching importance to offering functions to those focused on solving customer issues, in a bid to gain a foothold for next-generation businesses and is improving its value for customers. From the perception of our company’s vision to design food links, we will continue to actively communicate or address measures for changes in food-related lifestyles that will be our new normal due to COVID-19.

ITOCHU Food Sales and Marketing will remain active in the food field based on its awareness of its relationship with society, in line with the ITOCHU Group’s new mission, Sampo-yoshi (meaning good for the seller, the buyer and society), and new Guideline of Conduct, “I am One with Infinite Missions.” The Company will enhance its expertise in each product segment, bolster its relationships of trust with customers, improve customer value with strong awareness and pride as a leading food firm, and continue aiming to be a company that customers and society need.

ITOCHU Food Sales and Marketing will continue its efforts to make the future more affluent than the present, hoping to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Hideyori Kondo
President & CEO
ITOCHU Food Sales and Marketing Co., Ltd.

June 30, 2020