Rice Business

From maintaining stable supplies of rice, the essence of all Japanese food culture, all over Japan to helping maintain quality

In the Rice Business, we handle rice for home use and for commercial use, mainly major convenience stores, the food services industry and wholesalers. 
Rice is the essence of Japanese food culture and quality, freshness, price and stable supply are all important requirements.
In a business environment characterized by a complex interaction of factors such as agricultural policy, crop conditions, growing conditions and market prices, we have established an extensive nationwide supply network through cooperation with milling companies in key regions throughout Japan, including mills belonging to the ITOCHU Group, in pursuit of security, safety and taste.
We also propose solutions to meet customer needs, including improvement in the quality of shipped rice through the reduction of contaminants, inspection of the commercial steaming process and guidance on improvement, tasting and test data analysis, the provision of products that give greater peace of mind through our DNA appraisal system and quality support.