Grains, Oil and Fat Business

From supplying grains, oil and fat and to making development proposals and proposing business schemes

In the Grains, Oil and Fat Business, we mainly sell grain-based ingredients such as wheat flour to the baking and noodle manufacturing industries.
We also handle wide range of other food product ingredients such as soybeans, sesame and other beans and nuts and secondary ingredients such processed oil and fat and processed starch. We also leverage our strength as a supplier of various food product ingredients in other business activities such as developing products and proposing recipes based on market research in the growing food services industry and stimulating not only the flow of ingredients but also the flow of products.
We have also established a scheme under which we lease customers’ warehouses, and purchase ingredients, manage inventories and supply ingredients in response to shipment requests from production lines in place of customers, thereby minimizing customer inventories and improving their operational efficiency.