• Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Looking back at our origins, we took a fresh look at the extent to which our businesses have grown since our foundation and reassessed the company we aspire to be.We then formulated a new management philosophy to set out a new way forward.

IFSM2.0 Work in partnership with customers to contribute to the evolution of food
  • Mission

    Work in partnership with customers to contribute to the evolution of foodDefines our enduring mission, the meaning of our existence to society

    Food fuels our everyday life.

    From our position in the middle of the food supply chain,
    we will take the initiative and form close partnerships with customers.
    We will connect people by closing the distance between them.

    Capitalizing on our expertise and knowledge of the procurement of foodstuff and the manufacturing of food products, we will contribute to the happiness that is derived from having better quality food to fuel life.

  • Vision

    Designer of food connectionsDefines our future vision, the type of company we aspire to be (including business domains) in order to achieve our mission

    A company that connects the entire food supply chain from agricultural production areas and food processors through to consumers (the table).
    A company that aims to increase customer value by shifting from a function-oriented framework (IFSM 1.0) to a new customer-oriented framework (IFSM 2.0)

  • Domains

    All businesses that encourage the evolution of food(Innovation-by-food)

    All business domains that encourage the evolution of food, starting with foodstuff

  • Values

    Collaboration, Understanding, ContributionDefine our Action Principles and the kind of individuals we promise to be in order to realize our vision

    Collaboration: As One Team / All food supply chain players working as a team
    We will keep sight of the big picture and collaborate with all partners to ensure that foodstuff and commodities are turned into food and made available to consumers.

    Understanding: Knowledge Driven / Knowing more about food than anyone else
    We will be more passionate and knowledgeable about the foodstuff and products we handle than anyone else and will enthusiastically develop imaginative and creative final product and consumption proposals.

    Contribution: Consumer Focus / Everything is geared towards consumers
    We will constantly research consumer trends in collaboration with our partners.

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